• Coaching with TimeWaver

Possible customer benefits of a TimeWaver Consultation

  • Rapid development of one's own potential and abilities
  • Rapid achievement of own goals and visions
  • Finding security and trust in oneself
  • Greater clarity about one's own life
  • Better self-perception
  • Stronger self-confidence
  • More energy
  • Greater prosperity
  • One attracts the good more strongly
  • Less stressed
  • Accept yourself and others more easily
  • Improved health
  • Harmonious relations
„If you can focus your mind in your heart, everything is possible.“

What sounds so simple here is the subject of countless coaching seminars. There the success factors are analyzed in detail and recommendations for action are derived. But the knowledge alone and a high degree of discipline to implement this are usually no guarantee to be successful. 

The basis of everything, whether success, happiness or health, is inner harmony. So if people are not very successful, this always has something to do with disharmonies, which were often put by wrong beliefs already in childhood and then lead to blockades. Based on these, wrong decisions are made, even the false education and the false profession are chosen.

Persistent unsuccessfulness, poor comprehension, low self-confidence, a disturbed relationship with colleagues, low salary or depression, burnout and other illnesses can be the consequences of deep-seated blockades. And this is not only true for employees. Also entrepreneurs can be concerned, who are „suddenly" no longer able to assess situations correctly, make wrong decisions, become acutely ill and thereby bring their formerly successful enterprise into trouble.

The key to success is found inside

Awakening rested in the morning, a powerful feeling of well-being that accompanies you through the day. Resilience that protects you from harmful influences from your surroundings and a pronounced self-healing power that quickly gets you back on your feet.

Health starts at home! The realization that prevention is better than healing is gaining more and more recognition. That is why it is important to find a healthy and harmonious lifestyle that is preventive. For long-term health and recovery can only succeed if concrete preventive measures, such as a change in diet, more exercise or a suppression of the living environment, give us what we need every day and avoid what harms us.

In order to find concrete starting points for what is most important to you at the moment, an exact analysis is always carried out first during a consultation.

The analysis covers the areas: Nutrition, lifestyle, joie de vivre, blockages, living environment and spaces of strength. In each area there are important points that are indispensable for a healthy life.

Our Service

Whether professional, economic, social, health or mental issues: Our institute specializes in using the latest information field technologies to identify and solve problems in depth so that health, happiness and success can be restored. We help you to recognize your true potential, to develop your personality and to achieve a consciousness that enables you to receive everything you desire. We help you to discover the meaning of your life and to find your very own purpose. We show you how to optimally apply the knowledge and experience you have learned. This means that you learn to recognize strengths and potentials and to transform supposed weaknesses into strengths. In this way you increase your self-esteem and realise your goals and wishes in private, professional and financial terms.

Our main consulting areas:

  • Supporting goals and visions
  • Strengthen the awareness of abundance
  • Solve sabotage programs
  • Support with recruitment applications
  • Strengthening one's own abilities
  • Career choice
  • Strengthening leadership qualities
  • Confident appearance at lectures and Seminars
  • Improve communication
  • Self-confidence in negotiations
  • Find a partner
  • Harassment
  • Dependencies
  • Start of self-employment
  • Stress balance
  • Find joie de vivre
* Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance and the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

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