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    Business Consulting

Possible customer benefits of a TimeWaver Consultation

  • Time saving between 60 and 80% of your time
  • Important decisions can be made more easily and quickly because you have access to information that is usually difficult to access.
  • Possible risks can be better assessed by additional information from the information fields.
  • Potential weaknesses of your company, products or projects can be made transparent.
  • Hidden potentials of market development, your company or your employees can be discovered more easily.
  • Increase in profit and sales
  • The retrieval of forecasts and probability assessments from the information fields can provide clear indications of future developments.
  • By balancing the information fields, entrepreneurial processes and projects can be actively supported.
  • Private and corporate goals can be focused and harmonized through information field balancing.
  • Reduce pressure in all variants: Pressure to succeed, pressure to perform, financial pressure
„It is not important what we get for it, it is only about what we become through it.“
Gerhard Raspé

The measurable „hard“ figures, data and facts primarily reflect the successes and failures of the past. From these figures, however, only limited conclusions can be drawn as to what needs to be done to increase output, earnings or customer satisfaction, for example.

Soft facts such as employee commitment, innovativeness or the company's charisma determine the results measured in the hard facts and are fundamental to the company's success.

If you want to positively influence hard facts such as sales or earnings, you have to deal with the soft facts in order to achieve the desired effect. However, these hidden influences have so far been difficult to grasp and influence.

TimeWaver Insider Club

Cause analyses at the push of a button

The still new information field technology enables real-time analyses of current background topics and problem causes at the touch of a button.

This results in valuable information on the most effective starting points for problem solving, development opportunities and successful implementation of your personal and corporate goals.
The analyses always include the personal topics of the entrepreneur and the environment.

In a company in which visions are lived, self-confidence, effectiveness and innovation become a culture. It is a magnet for esteeming customers and motivated employees - because real enthusiasm makes you attractive. Determine your future, bring your vision to the point. This is where your potential lies - and that of your company.

Our main consulting areas:

  • Analysis and optimization of economic structures and business processes
  • Customer acquisition
  • Sales and revenue enhancement
  • Quality / sales increase of products
  • Accompanying company handovers
  • Reorientation of the company / vision finding
  • Optimal decision making
  • Solution of special problems and projects such as court, authorities, financing questions
  • Harmonious cooperation of all employees and all departments
  • Motivation and enthusiasm at work
  • Increasing room energy in offices and business premises
  • Harmonization of different external energies in the environment of the company
* Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance and the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

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