• TimeWaver Modules

  • Organ coherence module
    According to our understanding, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field, i.e. a field caused by oscillations of electrical charges. The organ coherence analysis should analyse the quality of this energy field in the information field and thus the connection of the respective organs to the intact information field of the client. With just one click you get an overview, displayed in three columns, which organ groups are over- or underregulated according to this model and which are balanced and coherent. The aim of the organ coherence analysis is to find suitable balancing approaches in the information field.
  • MyTimeWaver module
    With MyTimeWaver you can analyze any topic of your choice in the information field with one click, generate a complete optimization list with another click and generate a customer-friendly PDF report with a third click. The ready-made sets and themes in MyTimeWaver are especially designed for a practical application and are intended as a quick analysis. The sets are divided into the following areas with corresponding subareas: Physis, Psyche, Aura, Laboratory, Home, Business, Systemic Therapy.
  • WaveScreening module
    WaveScreening is a module that is designed to perform an information field screening for possible medical disorders with a single mouse click. It creates a probability ranking of the 475 most important medical influences in the information field. Behind each of these 475 medical entries, a separate database for treatment is stored in the information field.
  • Sound module

    The TimeWaver sound module analyzes in the information field which frequencies are helpful for your client and selects the corresponding frequencies directly from the extensive databases. The desired frequency can also be selected manually and applied as an acoustic signal or modulated onto music. The following frequency programs are stored in the database:

    • Basic resonances of the human body
    • Sounds and colors
    • Frequencies with the aim of cell &
      organ stimulation
    • Brain frequencies
    • Rife frequencies
    • Chakra frequencies
    • Frequencies assigned to symptoms
    • Frequencies for treatment
      according to Hz
    • Acoustic frequencies
  • Meridian module
    According to TCM, meridians serve as energetic "keys" to the organs in which stress and other disturbances can lead to blockages of the energy supply. Among the thousands of energy and acupuncture points, the meridian module analyses in the information field which are to be stimulated for treatment. All parameters are displayed in detail. In the software you have the possibility to place "virtual needles" to stimulate the meridians in the information field. The meridian module thus works purely on the information level.
  • Energy points module
    The energy points module offers the possibility to import all kinds of images, e.g. body regions, x-rays, floor plans, company organization charts etc. and to perform an information field analysis and optimization by freely setting points and areas. With this, found possible disturbances should be harmonized and brought back into a regulated energy flow.

    This method can be used in various areas of life, e.g. also for energetic building optimization, space clearing or company optimization. A further helpful function is the virtual grid, which you can lay over pictures: it analyses the selected area in detail and should identify weak points. You can now use information, symbols or affirmations to optimise the points analysed in the information field.

  • WaveGenetics module
    The WaveGenetics module is a valuable addition to the TimeWaver system because we see DNA as the link between the cell and its information field. According to our understanding, disturbances in the DNA's wave-genetic field can hinder or even interrupt the cells' communication with the morphogenetic field. A total of 80 "Gariaev Files" are available in five categories, of which the patient receives a unique sequence of 5 to 18 files with individual oscillation patterns. The five categories of the WaveGenetics files are: 1st well-being, 2nd metabolism, 3rd cell, 4th immune system, 5th bone system, blood and brain.
  • TimeLine module
    The TimeLine module analyzes in the information field the points in time on a person's lifeline that can resonate with a given problem and aims to favorably influence possible blockages or disturbances in the information field. This should capture and represent the information field in a temporal order. Since the time axis in this model forms the dividing line and thus also the interface between the three-dimensional space and the higher dimensions of the information field, its informative consideration is, in our opinion, of particular importance.
  • GenoWave module
    The GenoWave module is a step in a new direction with TimeWaver, namely to dynamically accompany therapeutic or transformational processes with TimeWaver, with the aim of graphically mapping them and positively supporting them with optimization approaches such as affirmations, symbols or information. With the GenoWave module, the user can transfer the systemic arrangement of any families, partnerships, groups of people, companies, etc. to a two-dimensional interface and optimize it in the information field.
  • Homeology module
    Homeopathy is very complex: Each organism is different, each clinical picture is individual, and the many different influences to which we are exposed do not always make it easy to clearly identify which homeopathic remedies should be used. The TimeWaver homoeology module according to Antonie Peppler offers a lexical directory of more than 19,000 homeopathic remedies and their digitally recorded oscillation patterns as well as 50 complex remedies for numerous important areas of life, which can be sorted according to symptoms, remedies or mixtures. The remedies and their potencies can be analyzed with TimeWaver and compiled as lists for information field optimization or transferred to globules as vibration patterns.
  • Aura module
    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the chakras are directly connected to various endocrine systems, nerve centres and certain organs, and the aura is supposed to represent a fine image of the chakras. The purpose of this is to use the aura to draw conclusions about the functioning of a person's hormone system and nerve centres. The aura module will analyse the information field of the human being in the frequencies of visible light and represent this distribution graphically in the form of the aura of the human being.
* Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance and the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

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