TimeWaver Frequency - Reinforcement for your practice

Information field controlled frequency therapy

TimeWaver Frequency expands your personal treatment spectrum with its proven application methods. As a therapist, you are noticeably supported and relieved, while your patients can enjoy a variety of new therapy methods. Find out here what this innovative system can offer you.

Health starts with the cell

Innovation and Experience

The versatility of the system, the variety of possible treatable indications, the unique technical implementation for information field medicine or the analysis and balancing at the deepest causal levels make this system unique.

Many integrated application methods

With specific frequencies and most subtle currents, numerous illnesses can be treated, whether in the field of pain therapy, mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, learning or addictions, or cardiovascular problems and much more.

Proven in practice for a long time

The therapy protocols integrated in TimeWaver Frequency and the automated processes are now successfully used by around 1,000 therapists worldwide. This shows the good and easy integration into the daily practice of the therapist.

The "Extra therapist" for your practice

The automation function of the practice programs allows you to integrate TimeWaver Frequency into your practice like an almost "independently working therapist" and thus have time for more patients..

Treating the cell

In our experience, the drop in cell membrane tension is a major cause of almost all diseases. The basic principle of treatment with TimeWaver Frequency is based on a cellular improvement of the cell membrane tension.

Variety of symptoms and indications

TimeWaver Frequency includes numerous programs sorted by indications, special modules to analyze the most appropriate frequencies, and over 150,000 frequency databases, associated with more than 1.000 symptoms and indications.

For chronic and acute diseases

The systemic therapy within the TimeWaver Frequency System and the underlying mode of action make it possible to treat almost all diseases, whether acute or chronic, in a supportive or direct manner.

Experience with over 45,000 patients

The clinical experience that has gone into the TimeWaver Frequency System speaks for itself. Nuno Nina, the Portuguese Clinic Director, has already treated over 45,000 patients with this method in his international clinics.

Unique information field technology

The information field-controlled frequency therapy in the TimeWaver Frequency System is unique: The system permanently and in real time determines the frequencies to be applied and adapts them directly to the patient's needs during the application.

Treating deeper backgrounds

The information field technology of the TimeWaver Frequency will continue to analyze deeper causes and correlations on a psychological and systemic level and positively influence them by means of certain information and vibration patterns.

Perfect addition to your own methods

The wide range of applications and the numerous therapeutic possibilities offer every doctor or alternative practitioner a first-class complement of his own therapy range, as well as a perfect integration into the practice.

Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields or TimeWaver systems and their applications due to a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

* Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance and the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

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