RealTimeWaver System

The new generation of information field technology

The RealTimeWaver system allows up to 500 elements or persons to be analyzed and optimized simultaneously and in real time in the information field. This revolutionary new generation of TimeWaver applications accompanies dynamic processes fully automatically in real time and can analyze, optimize and display up to 500 individual elements simultaneously in the information field. The current state of hundreds of individual elements is automatically monitored and the most important ones are highlighted in color.

The many possibilities

Observe and optimize all patients, employees, family, an entire football team or a person's organs at a glance in the information field: The RealTimeWaver can be operated as a software solution parallel to the TimeWaver Med software with the TimeWaver hardware or as a stand-alone system solution with a TimeWaver Mobile.

All clients or patients at a glance

At a glance, you can see which person or which process is currently conspicuous in the information field. Afterwards, you can view the detailed development, make a spontaneous TimeWaver analysis or simply adjust the intensity of the automatic optimization with a slider.

Autopilot for analysis and optimization

With the RealTimeWaver Autopilot the system starts automatically. After an information field analysis, the optimization starts and regulates the intensity and potency automatically. You can manually intervene in the observation and optimization process at any time and thus give special attention to a particular patient or element.

* Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance and the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

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