• TimeWaver Experience Reports

    TimeWaver Experience Reports

  • Winning a sales project

    Initial situation:
    Tendering of a project in the IT sector for network access control in a very large German company in the automotive industry with the participation of various renowned manufacturers, most of which had already been placed with the customer. The client's company has not yet been listed on the market and could not provide any references that are basically required for these tenders. At a personal meeting, the client told me about the advantages of her solution, with which she wanted to win the project. From this I created an optimization list with the goals, which I then formulated positively in such a way that the selection is made on the solution of my client.

    Winning and commissioning the project as the first major customer for her company.

    I win on all fronts and achieve a successful project conclusion.

    Optimization List/Focus List:

    • The customer is particularly positive about the solution approach and finds out during the selection process that this solution perfectly meets his requirements and then awards the contract to me.
    • The project is decided positively for me.
    • The services of all parties involved convince the customer.
    • All project tests work flawlessly and without interruptions.
    • The project serves the well-being of the customer and the complete fulfilment of his requirements.
    • The project helps all employees of my company to build reputation and trust.
    • The project helps the new project managers of the customer to a new reputation.
    • Competitive solutions offer no alternative.
    • All those involved are full of heart and joy in their work.
    • The customer recognizes the full savings potential and benefits greatly from it, so that he awards the contract to my project.
      The budget is ready, disbursable and can be extended.
    • The customer appreciates my company as a new contractual partner.
    • Everyone is highly satisfied with the client's service.
      The cooperation between the two teams works very well.
    • By concluding the deal, I achieve more than 100% of my goals.
    • I can expect the bonus in order to be able to realize my new future plans.

    The client has won the contract worth several million euros, to the astonishment and surprise of the entire management. Never before had such a project been completed. The client received all her commission and bonus in time to fulfill a long-cherished wish. Further orders from the customer are pending in the service sector, and the customer is very satisfied. In addition, the client has won another follow-up property of a similar amount for her company, in which the first customer helped to convince the new customer as a reference. This project was also supported accordingly with TimeWaver®, but only 14 days in the final phase of negotiations. For the client this was the career springboard, she received a new job offer to motivate and lead other sales staff in the future as a manager in a new company. She is regarded by experts as a special talent for this service sector and has the recognition of all colleagues and superiors. She was named the company's best salesperson worldwide in 2014.

  • Business optimization

    Initial situation:
    An entrepreneur in the field of consulting and coaching was made aware of working with TimeWaver® by a colleague and found his way to our institute. He wanted to get to know the work and optimize his company. That's why he didn't want to say much about his company to see how accurate such a system is.

    Business optimization

    My business is complete success-full-being on all levels. I am grateful for my success.

    Which main topics were identified:


    • Attitude of sacrifice
    • Lack of confidence
    • Insecureness
    • Lack of willingness to take risks
    • Insufficient communication
    • Blocking beliefs
    • Anxiety of being abandoned
    • Accepting strengths and weaknesses
    • Imprints > I dissolve the stress in my life.
    • Family System > Degradation, disregard
    • Family constellation > Assumed guilt


    • Many competitors
    • IT area not optimal
    • Media are not used sufficiently.
    • No support from association, guild, supplier
    • Strategic orientation not clear
    • Return on sales
    • Customer requirements, key buying factors
    • Honesty of corporate governance
    • Size of the building not optimal


    Customer letter
    »ear Mrs. Brand,
    Since my visit to you on 07.01.2014 and the consultation you have carried out, the following changes have resulted: I slept through it the first night. In the meantime it has turned into 24 nights, without any disturbance, the annoying toilet visits or bad dreams. I feel fitter, rested and healthier and have much more energy. My order situation has increased explosively in the days since your "Irradiation ". Despite ambitious targets, it is already clear that I will achieve the annual target. The problem of finding accommodation was also solved after four days. Before that, I spent 18 months looking for a suitable solution for my son, me and my office. As if by magic, we have now found a beautiful apartment in an old building, in which all wishes can be fulfilled and which is also affordable. All the arguments and wishes I have put forward in the past have been "suddenly" heard and are now being implemented promptly. Unbelievable. Not enough. Even a stressful partnership has dissolved with very little stress and mutual respect within a few days. I'm free again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for everything. It was very pleasant talking to you. You have worked extremely compassionately and sensitively on the various topics and have come straight to the point. I was also pleased that I was not discharged with batteries of medication, rituals or homework. Just put a check card in your pocket and you're done. The results are simply incredible and arouse curiosity for more. I'm glad we met and I'll recommend you wherever I can.«

    Success is not always so quickly visible. But sometimes it is just "a big chunk" that prevents you from succeeding, and when it is solved, everything can happen very quickly. The client now has his own TimeWaver® system and thus successfully advises his customers. Our institute is at his side.

  • Rapid crisis solution for a company

    For the opening of a new furniture store, a dealer placed an order for a large number of balls for ball pools on November 13, which was to be delivered shortly before the opening in week 50 (9 to 13 December). The balls were ordered in Hungary. On 6 December the customer then announced that there were two ball baths in the furniture store and the dealer received a second order, which doubled the number of balls. At the same time, it was demanded that the entire quantity of balls be delivered on Friday, December 13 or Monday, December 16 for a photo shoot. Since the balls for the production of the second order were not available until December 13, a truck was ordered for this date, which was to load the entire quantity and deliver it to the furniture store on Monday. On Friday, late afternoon, production called to say that the truck could not be loaded because the forklift truck for the high-bay warehouse was defective. A required spare part would have to be ordered in Germany and could arrive in Hungary on Monday. The truck had already left and would not return until Monday, as loading was not possible on Saturday and the truck would not be allowed to drive on Sunday.  

    This information was passed on to the dealer who informed the customer. The feedback came promptly: This was a prestige object and the balls would have to be there on Monday, otherwise there would be no more orders from this furniture store chain. During the following hectic telephone conferences Christiane Brand was also informed and asked for help by the TimeWaver, as we are already supported by her QuantumPower Coaching. Immediately a shipment was initiated to save the project and help the customer, the solution came on Saturday morning. The storekeeper managed to temporarily repair the drive chain and make half of the balls available for loading. A small factory truck - under 7.5 t may also drive on Sundays – returned from a tour earlier, was unloaded on Saturday, and a driver arrived with the balls on Monday at 8.00 a.m. for unloading in Germany. So the customer could fill both ball baths with balls and the photo session was saved. The rest of the balls could be delivered on Tuesday, so that for the opening both ball baths were completely filled. The dealer confirmed to us that the customer was satisfied and that nothing stood in the way of further cooperation. During the whole time the support of Christiane Brand and her TimeWaver was running and we would like to thank her again for her help.

  • Harmonious team

    Dear Mrs. Brand,

    Thank you for your treatment and the harmonizing spray you made available to me in February 2014! Enclosed you will find my experience report, which still leaves me astonished.

    I took advantage of the help of the Institut Brand because - since a new head of our department was in charge - the working atmosphere has changed. Our previous boss was characterised by continuity in the work tasks and projects, he promoted team spirit and was concerned about harmony in the department. Our new boss was exactly the opposite. Chaotic project planning and excessive demands on the employees, mixed with psychological pressure were his trademark. As a result, a previously homogenous department slowly changed its face. Fear and terror spread among the employees, which meant that every employee was only concerned about himself and his advantages. Elbows were extended, even bullying was on the agenda. Since nobody dared to denounce these abuses or to inform the management, the climate became increasingly harsher with considerable effects on the psyche of me and the employees in my department.

    The Institut Brand informed me in a consultation that it was not allowed to treat the department itself or the boss, because they would have to agree, but some possibilities of intervention would already exist. So I decided on a treatment that would at least make my life easier. Among other things, my blockages were removed, which made me feel noticeably better. To support the harmony in my office, the institute gave me a fragrance spray that I was to spray in my office. The spray contained harmonizing information and energetic cleansing which had been vibrated up with the TimeWaver. More out of curiosity I used the spray and was surprised how harmonious the effect was shortly after spraying in our office. If it was appropriate, I took the spray to meetings with my boss. I was astonished to find that, unlike normal appointments, he was very calm and open-minded when the spray was sprayed in advance. The effect of my spray had quickly spread among my colleagues over time, even though they were unaware of the TimeWaver treatment. My spray was and is always used at important meetings.

    My new boss had learned at some point that his predecessor had given all colleagues a rose as a birthday present. Because at some point it came to him that there was criticism of his leadership style, he decided to „make amends" by giving all women a rose irrespective of a birthday date. So I got a rose as a present, just like my colleagues. I put the rose in a glass of water on my desk without paying much attention to it. But now something completely unnatural happened. The rose did not wither and the water remained clear for over four weeks. This also struck my colleagues, who were surprised and asked what I would have done with the rose. At first glance I didn't know the answer either, until I noticed that the spray was right next to the rose on the table. Here must be the answer to the riddle. Somehow the harmonizing information of the spray seemed to have had an influence on the rose and the water. Only after four weeks did the rose turn blue from the inside and slowly withered. At the same time, the water became dull and rotten.

    Jasmine M.

  • Legal dispute

    Initial situation:
    A customer, whom we have accompanied for a long time in company matters, asked us for support in private matters. He had split up with his wife and filed for divorce. Despite legal regulations, the ex-wife complains about further payments that she was supposedly entitled to. It was about 45,000 euros, which the woman wanted from him. According to him, he's already paid more than she was entitled to. The relationship had become so bad that everything went through a lawyer. The court hearing was in four weeks and was to be accompanied by the TimeWaver®.

    Pay less money to the ex-wife, peace between the two approaches


    • The trial is on a convenient date for me.
    • My lawyer and I can convince the judge of the truth.
    • I'm sympathetic to the judge.
    • I can provide all the evidence and information requested.
    • My lawyer and I are a strong team..
    • There's harmony between me and my wife. We can talk about anything.

    Databases used:

    • I then put this target list into focus and let selected databases (only in present state databases) via the automatic selection.
    • The results I found were then appended to the target list.
    • In addition, I energetically purified the client and solved all old entanglements from the marriage via the Genogram (now GenoWave).

    Determined main topics:

    • Systemic connections
    • Internal traumatic sensations
    • Deficiency in self-confidence
    • Fear of the future

    Email from the customer: "The court date went great, instead of 45,000 Euro I only have to pay 15,000 Euro and this extended to 3 years. My lawyer was surprised and had not expected such a good result. My ex-wife even invited me for coffee afterwards, and we were able to have a real chat since months. Thank you for your support."

  • Counselling for couples and professional success

    Initial situation:
    A couple of therapists came to me to get support for their partnership and their professional work. Their partnership went through crises every now and then. Often it was also a question of financial independence. As they were both self-employed, fears quickly arose if there were not enough orders at hand. Then the blame began and the different opinions on money came to light. Mostly one felt inferior and offended. The mood was often bad for days. In retrospect, nobody could explain why they reacted so strongly. They wanted to recognize and dissolve the unconscious patterns through the consultation.


    • Harmonious relationship
    • Professional achievement
    • Recognizing and resolving patterns

    We have a harmonious and happy relationship, all abundance flows easily and effortlessly to us. We are perfect Success-Wealth-Being.

    Which main data was determined:

    • Resolve co-dependence
    • Dissolving polarities between exclude/accept and include, decay/growth
    • Standards of behaviour and role-plays
    • Cravings for consumer drugs
    • Lack of acceptance
    • Showering and overloading my partner with love
    • Men/Women are too affectionate
    • Lack of tolerance


    • Psychic level/balancing of polarities
    • Holistic personality development / emotional competence / harmonious partnership
    • Process support
    • Give up false and blocking beliefs
    • Energy levels / Healing Stones
    • Business and Management Consultancy/Business and Finance/Personality Development
    • Karmic-systemic level/transformation of the life theme
    • Information level/Essences
    • Energy level/Symbols
    • Home/Vasati

    Further measures:
    The results were discussed immediately. It was exciting to see that everyone knew exactly for whom which entry stood. There were many "aha" experiences for the two of them. They could now also understand their reactions to the issue of money. The balancing lists were swung onto two magnetic cards that everyone could carry with them.

    After five weeks came the following e-mail:

    »Dear Mrs Brand!
    We are enthusiastic about working with you and notice many effects. Money is no longer a priority and we are receiving support from many people and agencies. We also notice emotional breakthroughs of various kinds on this subject. At the moment we are also working with MET and notice that the dissolution of many feelings and beliefs is very fast. In our relationship, as you predicted, things have become much calmer, and many things are clearer or become clearer more quickly when they appear.
    Once again, many thanks to you!

    Best regards and see you soon«

    (Content from the book "With Quantum Physics to Corporate Success")

  • Optimize practice success

    Initial situation:
    We were called to a well-going doctor's office. The doctor could not complain about too little work, but her team of eight staff could not serve the patients satisfactorily. She always had a lot of work to do, nobody wanted to take responsibility for it. There was no flexibility, a high level of sick leave among employees and often faulty work. In addition, no team spirit arose, everyone "fought" against each other, and there was constant bad talk about the other. She could not find new employees.

    Relief of workload by capable employees, team-finding procedure

    • Client created, under the client create the practice, under the practice create the name "Employee" (if the employees are not informed about the work, you should not enter the names of the employees, but only work with the name "Employee")
    • Client analyzed
    • Practice rooms energetically cleaned and strengthened
    • Employee area energetically cleaned and strengthened


    I can hand over work to my competent employees. I trust in the exact completion of the tasks. I am fully satisfied with the commitment and performance of my employees. We make a good team.

    Employee area:
    I have the optimal employees for my work. My employees take responsibility, are flexible, friendly, thoughtful, resilient, competent, able to work in a team, vital and healthy. My employees value their jobs and are grateful for the well-paid job.

    Databases used:

    • Personal well-being
    • Stress management
    • Building otimization > Room cleaning
    • Human Resources > Employee characteristics

    Which main topics were identified:


    • Exposure to curses and imprecations
    • Manipulative Energies
    • Lack of concentration
    • Blocking beliefs: I have to meet other people's needs.
    • Beliefs: Better not to say anything, otherwise they don't like me anymore.
    • Blockade 3rd chakra: Topic power, control, freedom, and responsibility
    • Blockade in the area of communication, expression by language
    • Emotional burden of loneliness and bitterness (one feels like a victim of fate and is eternally vindictive).
    • Strained organ: Skin
    • The skin regulates both contact and touch (the skin allows proximity to others), as well as resistance and the ability to draw boundaries (the skin is the outer boundary of our body).


    • Total despair, hopelessness, inability to respond to a crisis; sudden traumatic experiences
    • Symbol of change: Awakens the awareness of one's own greatness and the memory of one's original origin. Transform longing, sadness, pain, unpleasant circumstances and exile. Gives light power, wisdom and the desire to progress on the path of life.
    • Yantra: Promotes peace, balance, calm and equilibrium. Calms the mind and gives joy and satisfaction. Awakens the good qualities in us. Free of pressure.
    • Symbol of peace and wisdom. I come to a good end by granting entry to unconditional love and reconciliation.
    • Further measures:
      I gave the Quantum Power Matrix Transform Auraspray to the client. It should clean all rooms energetically every day before and after work.

      The very next day we noticed the influence of our work. The employees were very restless, excited and tense. There was a lot of fighting. So the topics came up. We reminded her of the regular use of the spray.
      After about 5 days the mood changed. The client had the feeling that the employees were more concentrated and motivated. After two weeks, an employee resigned. This brought further noticeable changes. They had to stick together to fill the gap and do the job. A sense of togetherness with mutual respect and support was created. For the first time the doctor noticed a team in her practice.
      Approximately two months later, the doctor found a new colleague who would quickly integrated into the existing team. The doctor feels more relaxed, laughs a lot with the employees, hands over more work and can now rely on the employees.

  • Strengthening a congress speech

    Initial situation:
    I was supposed to support a colleague at a congress at his booth. In addition, I was commissioned to strengthen his presentation at the congress with TimeWaver® so that many people would come and take advantage of his therapy offer. The congress featured a total of more than 60 lectures, usually three at the same time. There was a lot of competition.

    Many congress participants at the lecture and interested in the therapy offer


    • The congress participants perceive me and my exhibition stand and come to my lecture.
    • The congress participants are interested in my work.
    • The congress participants tell others about my interesting lecture and my range of therapies.
    • The exhibition stand was worthwhile, I was able to attract at least 20 wealthy patients.

    Databases used:

    • Sales/negotiation
    • Personal growth
    • Personal well-being

    Balancing times:
    I started balancing one week before the fair for 4h14m/37sec. The evening before the lecture, the next morning and immediately before the lecture I ran the balancing list for 5m 59s.

    Further measures:
    In addition, I vibrated the balancing list onto a magnetic card, which the doctor carried with him during the lecture.

    The result was stunning. When we came to the lecture room to prepare everything for the lecture, the first interested people were already at the door. Already 10 minutes before the beginning of the lecture all chairs (approx. 60 seats) were occupied, and many people were already standing around. Shortly before the lecture, no one fit into the room, and there were still interested people standing in front of the door. Then the congress management came and spontaneously offered the doctor a larger room. So the room was exchanged with a colleague who was not so busy. Even the larger room (with about 100 seats) became full, and some listeners had to stand. The congress management was speechless, they had not had such a crush the whole weekend with a lecture. The lecture itself went very well. There was a lot of demand and the participants showed great interest.
    Many new patients have emerged from the lecture.

  • TimeWaver consultation of a soccer club

    In the context of an information event of the Institut Brand on the possible applications of information field medicine with the help of the TimeWaver technology, it was discussed to what extent this technology can also be used for sports. The main aim was to resolve conflicts, blockades and fears of athletes and teams in order to improve or regain their potential. Secondly, the focus was on the treatment of injuries.
    The Institut Brand assured me that a treatment of the information fields would generally always have positive and harmonizing effects.
    In a first step I decided to try myself by letting the system show me my mental and physical constitution. I was astonished by the results that coincided with my perceptions.
    In order to be able to check these new findings further for me, we decided to treat the regional league team of Hannover 96, of which I am co-trainer and the national league team of Hannover with the help of the TimeWaver. As a member of the training staff of Hannover 96 and those directly affected, I see no ethical conflict in this. Both teams were playing against descent at the time.

    For each team we first wanted to make a harmonization. Later we decided to follow up with a second one.
    For the following matches, the following harmonizations were made for each team with the help of TimeWaver:

    Matches :

    • Hannover 96 II - VfB Oldenburg 3:2
    • Hannover 96 II – Victoria Hamburg 5:0
    • Hannover 96 – Hamburger Sportverein 2:1
    • Eintracht Frankfurt – Hannover 96 2:3


    • Energetic clearing
    • Strengthening the energy system
    • Release blockages
    • Optimize game system
    • Mentally strengthening the „2014 league keeping “ goal

    The first game of the regional league team against the promotion favourite Oldenburg was already crowned with success. Already during the final training, the team seemed more harmonious than in the past weeks, which was finally reflected in the game. For a long time, qualities such as harmony among each other („we-feeling“), better understanding of the game, fighting spirit and serenity with conceding goals characterized the game, which was finally won highly deserved with 3:2. The next game in Flensburg was unfortunately lost, but the quality of the team had obviously improved. Due to the defeat, Institut Brand and I decided to use the TimeWaver again for the game against Victoria Hamburg. The game was won 5-0. The blockades seemed to have finally been resolved and the TimeWaver was no longer used for the regional league team.

    The TimeWaver was used twice for the National League team, at the home match against the Hamburg sports club and at the away match in Frankfurt.
    I am convinced that the treatment of information fields with the help of TimeWaver can trigger positive, harmonizing effects. It seems to be possible to solve blockages in athletes and teams with the help of this technology, so that they can better exploit their potential. I do not see any distortion of competition through the use of TimeWaver, as this technology cannot create additional potential or weaken other athletes or opposing teams. I.e., if a team has no playful potential, the TimeWaver will not be able to produce any noticeable positive effects in terms of countable results.
    These experiences should now be further verified in the context of additional tests. Support in the field of regeneration of athletes should also be investigated.

    Dominik Suslik, Coaching team Hanover 96 season 2013/14

* Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance and the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

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